Xtra Mag Holster


Xtra Mag Holster for that extra magazine. If you own a handgun, you need an extra magazine pouch that fully incapsulates the equipment and also has room for an additional magazine. You never know when an extra magazine might save your life. Made to keep your weapon and magazine safe and by your side at all times. Buy the Xtra Mag Holster at WRB.

Xtra Magazine Holster

3 ways to carry with or without an Xtra Magazine. When not carrying an Xtra magazine the Magazine slot velcros flat and out of the way. Better to have the option to carry and not use it, than need the option to carry and not have it. You can also carry a tactical flashlight or pocket knife or multi tool (leatherman)

1) On the belt (using the nylon belt loop): Strongside, support side and cross-draw.

2) Behind the belt and outside the pants ( using the Nylon belt loop or metal belt clip): you may have to sacrifice a pants belt loop to really dial in the placement. This option is great when your pants are too tight. Running the belt to the outside of the holster also reduces your visual signature.

3) In the pants (using metal belt clip) this method works well if your cover garment is short

3 points of carry gives you and ambidextrous option due to Nylon belt loop on both sides and a metal belt clip that can be secured to either side.

Note: this is one of the most versatile holster designs you will find. You can even car/truck mount this holster with the aid of a short piece of belt and strategically places screw/bolts or Velcro straps. If you looking for an all around holster, this is it. All made of 1000 Denier Nylon, all American made materials and made in the USA.

Premium quality, multi-layered & hand quilted construction, tailored to fit properly. Additional magazine carried in front pouch, combination clip-on and/or belt loop design, ambidextrous & quick release thumb strap. Belt clip and thumb break strap are reversible and adjustable for ambidextrous operation and secure weapon retention - right handed or left handed, we've got you covered!

Call to order for additional sizes not listed.






Products specifications
Material 1,000 Denier Cordura Nylon
Construction Multi-Layer
Additional Feature(s) Extra Magazine Slot (1x)
Handedness Ambidextrous Design
Attachment Type Metal Clip
Weapon Retention Quick-Release (Thumb Break) Snap
Finishing Hand Quilted