In The Waist Band/ In-And-Out

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Our IWB/In-And-Out Holster May Be Worn Inside The Pants Or (Outside) Strong Side.

Quality handmade IWB/In-And-Out HOLSTERS are designed thin and smooth for excellent concealment. Multi-layered, turned edges and hand quilted quality insure long-lasting construction at a very reasonable price.


Limited Lifetime Warranty

Click on link below to access Size Chart:

WRB NEW SIZE CHART 01-09-2023 (1)

Note: Your weapon may not be listed in the drop down list when ordering. Pick size that shows on chart and it will fit your gun.

Definitions On Holster Size Chart:

  • IPH – In The Pants Holster
  • X/M – Extra Mag Holster
  • HSH/VSH – Horizontal & Vertical Shoulder Holster
  • Revolver – Revolver Holster
  • PH – Pocket Holster
  • ABH – Ankle Band Holster
  • OTMP – Open Top Magazine Pouch


Call to order for additional sizes not listed.


Additional information




#2T- Colt mustang XSP, Desert Eagle Micro, #2T- LCP Gen II, Sig 238/938, S&W Bodyguard, #2T- TCP 238, #4-3- Colt Defender, G-42, Cobra, #4-3-Beretta 84/89 Sig 365, Ruger LC9,, #4-3- Kel Tec PF9, Taurus 709, #4-3.5- Bersa .380, Colt Officer,, #4-5- Colt 1911, CZ 75 BD, #4-5- Browning Highpower, #5- FNP 24/7 .45, Glock, H&K, Ruger, #5-S&W M&P, S&W M&P 3.5-4" Bbl, Stnd Autos, #6- Glock 26/27/33, Millennium G2, #6- S&W M&P Shield, #6M- Millennium Pro 9/40/45, #8-3.3- Springfield XD 9/40/45, #8-4- Fn P45, FN 24/7, Highpoint 45, #8-4- Springfield XD 4", S&W M&P,, #8-4- Sig 220/229/250, #8-5- Springfield XD 5", #8SC- Sig 220 Comp, Spfld Sub Comp, #9SC- Beretta Storm S C

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