WRB Holster Fit Chart

WRB Size Chart

To Get to Size Chart:

  •  In Description – Click on the Link “WRB NEW SIZE CHART “
  • Scroll Down the Page Till You Find your Model
  • You Can Then Order the Size for your Weapon in the Drop Down List 


We now have a Holster Size Chart to help you.

Listed below will be the definitions on our Size Chart for each holster.

Note: Your weapon may not be listed in the drop down list when ordering. Pick size that shows on chart and it will fit your gun.

If you have any additional questions about sizes, feel free to call.

Click on link below to view Holster Size Chart.

.WRB NEW SIZE CHART 2018 – 02-18-2019


Definitions On Holster Size Chart:

IPH – In The Pants Holster

X/M – Extra Mag Holster

HSH/VSH – Horizontal & Vertical Shoulder Holster

Revolver – Revolver Holster

PH – Pocket Holster

ABH – Ankle Band Holster

OTMP – Open Top Magazine Pouch