Vertical Shoulder Holster (Autos)

$64.95 + tax

Note: Satisfies Texas Department of Public Safety for legal open carry with appropriate license.

Hand quilted holster, padded load-bearing harness and flared double mag pouch combine to form a very stable multi-adjustable rig.



Designed for concealment. Hand quilted holster using 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon.

This affords you strength while keeping bulk to a bare minimum. Light weight and secured with belt tie-downs on both sides. Your support side will house two spare magazines.

The balance and feel of this holster is quite natural. Superior performance, quality at a very reasonable price.

Click on link below to access Size Chart:


Note: Your weapon may not be listed in the drop down list when ordering. Pick size that shows on chart and it will fit your gun.

Definitions On Holster Size Chart:

  • IPH – In The Pants Holster
  • X/M – Extra Mag Holster
  • HSH/VSH – Horizontal & Vertical Shoulder Holster
  • Revolver – Revolver Holster
  • PH – Pocket Holster
  • ABH – Ankle Band Holster
  • OTMP – Open Top Magazine Pouch

Mfg in Gun Barrel City, TX!

Call to order for additional sizes not listed.


Additional information

Holster Size

#10-4- Ruger MK III (4 Inch), #10-6- Ruger MK I & II, #10-7- Ruger Mark IV, #2C- Beretta Wand, Glock 42/43, #2C- Kahr CW 45, Kimber Micro Comp 45, #2C- Ruger LC9, #4- Colt Commander, #4- Stnd. Autos, SPFD XDS 4.0, #4A- Colt Defender, Colt Officer, #4A- S&W Shield EZ 2.0, #4B- Browning Highpower, Colt 1911, #4B- Colt Govt. 45 Clones, #4C- Glock 19/23/30, Highpoint 9mm, #4C- H&K Comp, Sig 239, S&W M&P Comp, #4D- Beretta 92/96, Glock 17/20/21/22, #4D- H&K 45, S&W M&P, S&W, #4D- Taurus 24/7 4", #4DE- Glock 40/41, Ruger SR 45, #5- Large Frame, Ruger 9E,, #5- Sig 220/226, Taurus 24/7 4", #6- Glock 26/27/33, S&W Shield, #6- Walther PPS, Taurus Millennium G2, #6M- Beretta Storm PX$ Comp, #6M- Millennium Pro SR9C, #6S- Glock 36, Highpoint .380, #6S- Sig 239/250, Ruger SR9C, #6S- SPFD XDS, XDE M&P Comp, #6S- Walther PPS, #7- Kahr, Kel Tec P11, Kel Tec PF-9, #7- Ruger LC9, #8-4- Highpoint 45, Sig 229, S&W M&P, #8-4- Springfield XD -4 Inch, #8-5- FN 24/7, Springfield XD 5", #8-SC Springfield XD SC, #8-SC- Highpoint 9mm Lugar

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