Ankle Holster with Strap

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Ankle Holster with Strap, a perfect way to conceal small handguns.

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Ankle Holster with Strap, a perfect way to conceal small handguns.

The adjustable calf strap distributes some of the weight off the ankle.

The rubberized backing provides additional padding between the ankle and the handgun.

The Velcro holster allows changing to left or right position.

Easy to wear, comfortable and secure. Wear it on the right or left leg. Works on the inside or outside of leg.

Available for small, medium or compact pistols.

Padding provides comfort while Velcro keeps pistol secure. Adding the support strap allows for stability while running.


This design allows you to:

  • Purchase other holsters that fit in this carrier
  • One ankle holster can carry multiple pistols, saving you money
  • Quick release thumb break. (Able to set up snap in both directions)
  • 4 Inch adjustable calf strap. (Allows you to fine tune the fit)

Quality, Padded Protection and Comfort. Our Premium model provides more Cushion and the flexibility of changing holster sizes.

  • 4″ Elastic Band Securely Positions to Ankle
  • Adjustable 2″ Elastic Calf Strap Included
  • Interchangeable Holsters Available
  • Padded Comfort
  • Quick Release Thumb Break
  • Ambidextrous

Click on link below to access size chart:

WRB NEW SIZE CHART 2018 – 02-18-2019

Note: Your weapon may not be listed in the drop down list when ordering. Pick size that shows on chart and it will fit your gun.

Definitions On Holster Size Chart:

  • IPH – In The Pants Holster
  • X/M – Extra Mag Holster
  • HSH/VSH – Horizontal & Vertical Shoulder Holster
  • Revolver – Revolver Holster
  • PH – Pocket Holster
  • ABH – Ankle Band Holster
  • OTMP – Open Top Magazine Pouch


Call to order for additional sizes not listed







Additional information

ABH Size

#2A- J Frame 2" Revolver, #2T- Ruger LCP Gen II, Sig 238/938, #2T- S&W Bodyguard, TCP 738, #4-3- Bersa .380, Colt Defender, Makarov, #4-3- Kel Tec PF9, Ruger LC9, #6- Glock 25/43, S&W Shield, #6- Millennium G2, #7-Kahr 9/.40

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